Wednesday, November 26, 2014

See Us Shine!

 The 5th grade put on a patriotic American Idol play, and Ashley was the only girl who auditioned for the Betsy Ross part. She did a great job reading her lines in a clear, non-monotone voice.
 These boys are so sweet, before the play started, Thomas Jefferson said, "Let's pray before we go on." So the three of them said silent prayers in their heads. The morning play went really well. Then Ashley said before they put on the play again in the afternoon, Abe Lincoln said, "Let's pray again." Thomas Jefferson said, "No, we already did that earlier." (Which Chris joked was something Thomas Jefferson might say...) So they didn't pray, and the microphones didn't work and nobody could hear the kids with speaking parts. Ashley thought that was interesting. And it made me glad I chose to watch the morning play!
Ashley with one of her friends, Brooke.

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