Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hey, look! A post that isn't about snow!

For Josh's Christmas present this year, we got him a 3-month pass to the local fitness center, since he loves to swim. If we love it, we might increase it to a year-pass.
Okay, I lied about not posting about snow. Here's a picture of the freezing cold lovely fluffy white stuff. It was weird swimming when right outside the giant windows was a winter wonderland.

We didn't take many pictures of Josh's present because we were enjoying swimming together. And Chris was nice and even pretended to enjoy swimming with us, after I reminded him that I don't like snow but I had fun with the fam and went tubing anyway :)

Josh was sad to leave the pool after 2 hours until he remembered that his present is one we can use anytime in the next few months. He can't wait to use his present again!

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  1. Such a great gift!! Though I don't like swimming, but I would love just sitting there and watching my kids play in the water :) Happy New Year's!