Friday, December 26, 2014

random christmas pictures

 Playing basketball with cousins. A new Christmas tradition.Except the part where Ashley hurt her leg.
 Playing Christmas carols on the sax while everyone was at school and he was bored.
 cute cards grandma and grandpa sent from Japan. They loved them SO much!
 Other grandma sent presents and a talking bobble-head Elf. Smiling's my favorite!
 Josh loves to snuggle anytime I sit down anywhere. I love it, and will enjoy it while he's still little and wants to snuggle with mom.
 It's lucky I didn't drop my phone out the window while we were driving. But I had to capture this amazing view. The mountains and sky were so perfect, they looked fake. Gorgeous!
 My brother has an app on his phone that makes things prettier. Here's my tree as seen through his phone.
 The primary put on a Nativity last week, and it was so much fun to watch. Ashley was an angel.
 and Josh was Joseph. We didn't get a picture of the junior primary's group, but we did get Ashley's.

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