Sunday, December 28, 2014

the other kids enjoyed the snow, too.

As I wrote in the last post, Josh LOVES the snow. The other kids are pretty happy to be out in the white stuff, too, just not quite as much as Josh.
 Ethan wearing the sorting hat made of snow.
Ashley and Josh trying to sled down the "hill" next to our house. It didn't work too well, but they had fun trying. 
 Josh being a slave driver and making Ethan pull him around the yard on a sled.
 Josh was ready for a snowball fight.
 Ashley was about to catch a josh-flake on her tongue. 
 This might be my favorite snow picture so far. Ethan wore Grandpa's ski goggles, and Josh wanted goggles, too. So he found some that seemed to work. Except that he couldn't see or breathe...
 This guy is still thrilled about the snow. All of us groan when we have to step outside in it. And he shouts, "Yipee!"


  1. Ashley's got some beautiful eyes there! Lucky girl :)

  2. Cute Cute Kids :)........ Love Ashley's Eyes

  3. Great pictures! I love seeing the joy, I sure wish I could be there with you and have some fun.... just for a minute, then I can come back and enjoy my 80 degree weather. ;-)