Thursday, January 29, 2015

cross country skiing

 On Martin Luther King day, we decided to head up the canyon and try cross country skiing. We haven't had much snow this winter, so we weren't sure how the skiing would go, but we headed out anyway.
 The mountains were stunning on the drive up, with frozen waterfalls, and sunbeams shining over the tops of the peaks.
We took my brother's kids because everything is better with cousins.
 Ashley hated it at first, until we found a hill with deep ski grooves that kept her skis from going all over the place. The kids hiked up and skied down over and over, making the grooves nice and deep.
 I didn't care for skiing much. Just like tubing, I hate going too fast and out of control. But it was fun to hang out with the family anyway. And really great exercise!
Everyone was so hot from all that exercise afterwards that we got Creamery ice cream, which happened to be there tempting the kids in the ski-rental place. Josh was a little upset we didn't do anything to celebrate Martin Luther King like we did back in The Swamp (where King had actually visited), but he got over it pretty fast when he saw ice cream.

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  1. Fun adventure! I have never done that and wish I could try some time. Everyone looks like professional skiers!