Thursday, February 19, 2015

iphone dump

 Yep. Lots of blurry iphone pics. I need to stick my real camera in my purse. The phone is convenient, but doesn't generally produce quality pics. Oh well, still good memories!
 I found this funny scene in Josh's room. He creates stories with his toys, and it makes me laugh when I find them.
 Chris and Ethan have matching pajamas and matching skinny bodies. So handsome!
 Josh wanted to spend his dollar at the mall. I didn't think he'd be able to find anything for a dollar, but we went anyway. The toy store actually had an entire shelf of dollar toys, including this basketball game, and the sweet grandpa who seemed to own the shop said he was super happy to get lots of pennies.
 I was recently called to be the secretary in the primary at church (working with the young children). One night the presidency snuck out to put hearts all over the former presidency's cars and doors. We are very very sneaky.
 This boy always makes me laugh. He is so quiet, and will suddenly appear with a mask or costume on and not call attention to himself, and when we finally look at him, he acts like nothing is different. Such a funny guy.
 Grandma and Grandpa sent socks from Japan, so we're bringing back Socks With Sandals. What What What? (watch the Disney video to fully appreciate socks with sandals)
 Josh had a pack night on manners and he had to feed Ashley a pie using a random utensil. He was nice and she didn't get too messy. But they also didn't win the race.
 Ashley loves soccer, and is really good at getting in there and kicking the ball. It seems to make her really happy still, so that's good!
 Ethan and Chris are discussing deep and meaningful things. Or at least they're talking about the backpacking trip to California they're going to take this summer.
 Ashley never gets bored. She created this puppet theater so she and Josh could put on shows for each other while they were off track. It kept them busy for several hours.
 One morning we stepped outside to see this large metal pole sticking out of the ground. Schools had already started, and it wasn't there when Ethan or Chris left, so we aren't sure where the pole came from and why it was in the middle of our yard. I didn't know how deep it went into the ground, so I told Ashley that I was going to pull it out, but if I get electrocuted, to hit me with a wooden stick that was laying on the ground. It was only in about an inch, and she hit me anyway (just kidding).
Our van had an airbag recall (along with everyone else in the world), and while we waited the two hours for both drivers/passenger bags to be replaced, Josh had to charge his cardboard ipad. He charged his cardboard iphone when his ipad was finished. He's been carrying these things for years now. Glad he's not too anxious to upgrade. I kind of like the cardboard ones.
 So amazingly proud of Ethan and his good grades. He had a rough semester, finishing assignments and then not turning them in, but he pulled through in the end and got on the honor roll again.
And of course, more swimming. The kids were off track from the end of January until last Tuesday, and we had to fill our days somehow. Our lazy, fun-filled days were tough, but we made it through somehow.

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