Saturday, February 28, 2015

Vday in The Reef

I forgot to post about our trip over valentines day. Several years ago we went to the cabin for valentines day and got snowed in. This time Capitol Reef was chilly but beautiful. Unfortunately, once again, they are all cell pics. But still great memories :)

 I saw this crazy rainbow in the sky on our drive (and I'm lucky I didn't drop my phone out the window!). You could only see it with sun glasses on, but I saw them several times over the weekend and I couldn't figure out what it was until my geologist brother-in-law told me it is ice crystals in the cloud that reflect the light and make the rain bow (or something like that). Very cool!
We saw a whole bunch of deer walking past the cabin. I've never seen so many, and I'm not sure how many there were but it seemed like they kept coming and coming and coming, walking by in a single file line. So beautiful.
The skies were incredible (I've discovered I have a recent fascination with skies. I can't stop taking pictures of them.) the entire weekend.  
 Josh helped Ethan fix his house. Josh is wearing a Safety Belt made out of stools. Safety first!
 We went on a hike at Cottonwood Wash. It was really bouldery toward the end, but it was a great hike because there were lots of unique parts to it. First we hiked through flat sand, then it became bumpy rocks, then huge boulders inside a Narrow.
 Some parts were kind of scary, like this pretty steep drop off we had to walk over.
 Climbing over giant boulders. The only scary part was hoping the boulders would move (or have more drop from above onto your head.)
This is where most of us stopped. Chris and his dad and Ethan decided to go on a bit further, but the rest of us were done climbing over scary boulders.
So much texture in the desert. I love it! 

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