Friday, August 5, 2016

It's all about the Ash

 While all the YM were at scout camp, the deacons got cleaned up and met the beehives at the Manti Temple to do some baptisms. This was one of the pictures the leaders posted. :)
 Then Ashley went to her first year of girl's camp. She's on the very right side standing up in the group picture. She was nervous because she doesn't really know any of the YW yet, but apparently the girls all wanted her to be their little sister. The theme was "Oh the Places You'll Go"

 She even got up on stage and helped with the skit.
 I guess this is a game where you have to not show your teeth, but try to get the other person to show theirs.
It was a good experience for her and I'm glad she seems to feel more comfortable with the girls at church now.

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