Thursday, April 28, 2011

thanks a lot, tooth fairy...

{Unwritten}: thanks a lot, tooth fairy...: "Yep. We've got a ditzy tooth fairy at hour house. My daughter was so excited to lose her second front tooth, because now she looks like al..."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

all I want for christmas is my two front teeth

Ashley lost her last front tooth this morning (she lost the other one two weeks ago). Now she's a toothless wonder. Sorry about the bloody picture...looks like she needed to wash it down, and I didn't notice it until just now. She was so excited to look like all the rest of her friends who have no teeth :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

homemade Easter baskets

The kids decided to make their own Easter baskets this year. They got the idea after seeing the bunny craft Ashley made at the library the other day. They decided to make it a tradition, which is excellent, since I won't have to store their bulky Easter baskets.

Ethan made a UFO

Josh's made a turtle basket

Ashley made her bunny at the library

They're basically just two paper plates glued together, with a hole cut in the top one. Decorate it however you want, then fill it with grass. The best part is that it doesn't hold very much candy :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

goblin valley

On our way home from the cabin, we stopped at goblin valley. The kids loved playing on the goblins!

It was HOT! Josh didn't care where he sat as long as he got water.

Two cute girls :)

capitol reef

Last weekend we went to the family cabin. It snowed the first day and a half, then it cleared up and we had perfect weather for hiking. We hiked to Hickman's Bridge,
and capitol gorge (I think?). There is a "pioneer registery" on the walls of the gorge, and it was fun searching for names and dates all over the place. There were also some petroglyphs.

while in capitol gorge, we hiked to some "tanks" which were big holes in the rock filled with water.

Friday, April 8, 2011

ashley's first grade program

doing the raptor rap
Last night we went to watch the Dinostars (the first graders singing and dancing). Our pictures didn't turn out, but it was really cute, and Ashley did a great job with the dance her group did on stage. I made the palm trees and vines for the backdrop, but forgot to get a picture of them.

ashley and josh after the program

josh and josh "bubbers" escobedo waiting for the program to start.

five years old!

Josh had his fifth birthday. It was a small party, only Grandma and Grandpa Rowe came (since I was too busy dejunking our house for the move to think about a big party). He chose a little angry bird cake (like the ipod game).
Josh wanted a super hero party, so we've got spidey, super cowgirl, and super pajama boy.
He seemed to have fun with his small party, but I did feel bad after he asked several times when the cousins were coming. Sorry Josh...