Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hey, look! A post that isn't about snow!

For Josh's Christmas present this year, we got him a 3-month pass to the local fitness center, since he loves to swim. If we love it, we might increase it to a year-pass.
Okay, I lied about not posting about snow. Here's a picture of the freezing cold lovely fluffy white stuff. It was weird swimming when right outside the giant windows was a winter wonderland.

We didn't take many pictures of Josh's present because we were enjoying swimming together. And Chris was nice and even pretended to enjoy swimming with us, after I reminded him that I don't like snow but I had fun with the fam and went tubing anyway :)

Josh was sad to leave the pool after 2 hours until he remembered that his present is one we can use anytime in the next few months. He can't wait to use his present again!

too many tubing pictures

Ethan's present this Christmas was to go tubing at this expensive cool place that tows you up the mountain. It's great for lazy people and is also safer than regular sledding because everyone has a lane, and there isn't anything to crash into on the way down.
here are a few blurry cell phone pics, too. They had a warming yurt, and since Josh didn't love tubing, we went in there to warm up a few times while the others were on the slopes. And then we all went in to get warm with some hot chocolate.
 And my favorite shot of the day, Chris's post-tubing hair.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

the other kids enjoyed the snow, too.

As I wrote in the last post, Josh LOVES the snow. The other kids are pretty happy to be out in the white stuff, too, just not quite as much as Josh.
 Ethan wearing the sorting hat made of snow.
Ashley and Josh trying to sled down the "hill" next to our house. It didn't work too well, but they had fun trying. 
 Josh being a slave driver and making Ethan pull him around the yard on a sled.
 Josh was ready for a snowball fight.
 Ashley was about to catch a josh-flake on her tongue. 
 This might be my favorite snow picture so far. Ethan wore Grandpa's ski goggles, and Josh wanted goggles, too. So he found some that seemed to work. Except that he couldn't see or breathe...
 This guy is still thrilled about the snow. All of us groan when we have to step outside in it. And he shouts, "Yipee!"

so, it snowed on Christmas...

and this is how Josh felt about it:
 When we lived in The Swamp, Josh told us all the time how much he missed living in the snow. We didn't believe him. Last time he lived in the snow, he was 4 years old, and he complained if he was outside too long.
 But he's pretty much lived out in the snow since it snowed on Christmas morning. He'll come in for a while, warm up, then put his snow pants on and go play in the cold again.
 He loves everything about the snow. He cheers every time he has to go outside.
 Maybe he needs to shovel the drive way a few times to cure himself of this craziness. Or I guess we could just let him keep on loving it, and then live vicariously through him!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 One of our traditions is to open new pajamas on Christmas Eve. The kids love wearing new jammies to bed for Christmas.
We ate our traditional Christmas Enchiladas, but with {this} recipe, since our regular one was packed away. We might like this version better!
 This is the note Josh left for Santa. "I give coal to good people but bad people get prezents." Ashley left a plate of chocolate truffles.
The next morning, Santa left a note for Josh. And one for Ashley. Santa gets an attitude when he comes to our house, I guess.
After we ate some pumpkin waffles and little smokies for breakfast, we opened he few presents we had, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa! 
 Ashley got a magic set in her stocking. Santa must know her really well.
 Grandma and Grandpa gave the kids a laser tag set, which will be perfect for those many indoor days when we can't play outside this winter.
Chris got a purple recorder. Just kidding. It's Ashley's.
But Chris rocks the purple recorder, just so you know. 
 Ashley got glowing gloves, so we'll never lose her in a dark crowd. Unless all the other kids have the same gloves on.
 Grandma also gave the kids a few craft projects. Ashley and Josh made these wind cars, and then raced them.
It was a perfect Christmas, and Josh got exactly what he's been wishing for all month...