Monday, June 11, 2012

la cucaracha de verano

This isn't my video...but it could have been...
Since we had a break from the rain this morning, we decided to go swimming. But we didn't stay long because we saw one of these swimming beetles wandering around the bottom of the pool, and then skimming the top of the pool.

Ethan caught it in a swim mask and tossed into the bushes (he's good at catching creepy things for me -- frogs, geckos, spiders). But then we noticed there were several more wandering around inside the pool. They are about 2 inches big, and super fast. And totally creepy. So we got out and sat on the edge of the pool and watched a big one swim around for a while (the others seemed to like hiding in the crevices near the drains). It was like we were at an aquarium watching sharks.

They thought it was pretty cool, and totally educational :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The last days (of school)

 Today is the kids' last day of school, but Ethan has had a busy few days. The third, fourth, and fifth grades had a variety show, and Ethan said he was going to sing with his friend Jack. That surprised me, because he's pretty reserved in large groups of people. So Chris and I had to go see for ourselves!

And there they were, singing America the Beautiful in front of everyone! He said he was scared before he got on stage, but when he began singing, he was happy. And he did a great job, too! Chris and I were amazed all day that he actually dared to sing in front of the other students.

Yesterday the older grades had an awards ceremony. Ethan earned a certificate for perfect attendance (I guess they didn't count the one day he missed two weeks ago for Disney World?), and straight A's. I'm so proud of him because he usually comes home and finishes his homework on his own. I never even look at it, unless he asks me to. Pretty amazing boy.

Now the kids are sad school is over. Josh even prayed last night that he wouldn't be too sad during summer break. I guess home is just that boring. Good job mom!