Monday, September 22, 2014

hiking timp

A week or so ago Ethan, Chris, Bruce, Suzy, and Roger all hiked the grueling trail to the top of Mt. Timpanogos. It's an all-day hike, and they left early in the morning. I made Chris promise that he wouldn't let my son or my husband fall off a cliff. I guess it all worked out because I still have both of them, and pictures too!
These pictures are probably out of order, but I didn't hike Timp, so I wasn't there to know which part of the trail is which. Also, I stole many of these images from Chris's dad because Chris was in more of them and also his pictures were better than the ones Chris took with our little camera :), so I wanted them for my family's blog book.
 apparently this little squirrel (or chipmunk?) saw what was in Chris's backpack and was determined to get it, because he crawled right up Chris's leg to get at it.
Almost there...
Made it to the top! 
 Ethan signed his name to prove to the world he was really there.
Here's Suzy, Ethan and Chris on top of Timp. And in the next picture, it's Chris, Suzy and a few of their siblings on top of Timp way back when Chris was Ethan's age. Glad Chris and Suzy grew into their hats...
 Look! There are some gators at the top of a mountain! *chomp, chomp*
 This is looking down from the top. They came home sore and exhausted, but said it was really fun. Ethan has always been an amazing hiker, and even though his ankle and body hurt by the end of the hike, Chris said he did a great job.

Monday, September 15, 2014

And they're off...

I stole these pictures from my brother. We packed all of my parents' suit cases into the car early this morning and my brother took them to the airport. I wish I'd taken pictures of how crammed the car was with suit cases, and of my kids chasing after the car while my parents waved out the window, or of our red noses (...from crying...or trying not to cry) when we came in and finished getting ready for school.
But I guess I was just living the moment and the camera stayed in its case. Now to take a deep breath and blink back the tears as I go on with life for another year and a half without having them nearby.
Ganbatte kudasai!!!  Aishite imasu <3

Friday, September 12, 2014

stinky great salt lake

The other day Chris wanted to take the kids somewhere they've never been before, so we headed out to the Great Salt Lake.
we went into the gift shop inside the Saltair pavilion and bought the traditional salt water taffy (which is supposedly made from salt from the Great Salt Lake...Mmmmm...). Then the kids wanted to pose in front of the building like Chris and I did when we were dating.
 Then we walked. and walked. and walked. aaaand walked to get to the water. I couldn't believe how desolate it was out there. Beautiful Desolation. The water was so low, the salty dirt went on forever.
 The kids were scared to get their feet wet (the air was really really really stinky that day, and there were brine flies everywhere). Chris dared them to walk out to that little island and he'd get them a frosty mug at A&W, but they refused. So I led the way.
 The island was like quicksand and my feet got buried within a few seconds.
 Chris dared them to go out to an even farther island. I guess kids will do anything for root beer.
 The water was so salty (apparently when it's low it's as salty as the dead sea), it stung any cuts we had, and made our legs and feet itch.

 The kids found some brine shrimp. It was pretty exciting.
 Here's a poster in the gift shop warning us about brine shrimp sharks. Thankfully we weren't attacked.
 Just to show how desolate it is in that stinky, salty place, these piles in the dirt are all dead birds. I guess you can see this sad little graveyard whenever the lake is low at the end of the summer.
 As promised, Chris got all of us frosty mugs at A&W. But his was the biggest...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

You been farming long?

 The other day my dad was out working in the garden, trying to get it all finished before his mission. Josh watched out the kitchen window, and then went to help kill the weeds with a short shovel.
Josh was so content to be out there working in the dirt with his grandpa, it made me smile.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

stake fiesta and a big moon

 Our stake had a fiesta last Friday night, with games and pinatas and a delicious dinner.
 The weather was perfect, and Josh especially liked playing games and winning prizes.
 For whatever reason, Ethan just wanted to get tied up with a long rope.
 Ashley and Josh got their picture taken in costumes. They chose a "museum" background.
 There was an amazing latin dance company that came to show us traditional dances from various countries.
 Chris and Brett dressed up for the occasion. Josh played his little guitar for us.
So I took this picture of the moon to see how close my camera could zoom. It's a "meh" picture. Later, after we left the fiesta (and just to make me jealous, I'm sure...), my dad used his brand new camera (which is just like mine except with a better zoom) and took THIS picture of the moon:
It worked. I'm jealous :)
I tried to talk him into trading, but he said, "no way, jose!" Anyway, he needs it so he can take some amazing pictures in Japan with that new camera to send back home to us.