Friday, August 5, 2016

Dancing Josh

Josh is our dancer. He has dance parties in his room with the music turned up really loud. He couldn't do that in our old apartment, so he thinks its pretty cool he can do it now. Here are several videos of some of his dance moves :)
Last night the cub scouts retired a flag from the Provo Temple, and then did some exercise while they waited for it to finish burning. Josh is the one in the tan scout shirt.
Maggie, Jeremy and Josh enjoyed dancing on the diving board. This wasn't their funniest time, but they did their weird dance moves over and over and over.

Before school ended in June, the 4th grade put on a show. This is their pioneer dance, and the next one is the Cha Cha Slide, which is his favorite. He also danced to the Boot Scoot n' Boogie, but he was in the back and I couldn't see him so I didn't record it which he was pretty mad about because I guess he likes line dancing.

It's all about the Ash

 While all the YM were at scout camp, the deacons got cleaned up and met the beehives at the Manti Temple to do some baptisms. This was one of the pictures the leaders posted. :)
 Then Ashley went to her first year of girl's camp. She's on the very right side standing up in the group picture. She was nervous because she doesn't really know any of the YW yet, but apparently the girls all wanted her to be their little sister. The theme was "Oh the Places You'll Go"

 She even got up on stage and helped with the skit.
 I guess this is a game where you have to not show your teeth, but try to get the other person to show theirs.
It was a good experience for her and I'm glad she seems to feel more comfortable with the girls at church now.

I'm baaaaack! And a bunch of stuff about Ethan.

So I've been trying to figure out if I should start blogging again. It was nice to take a year and a half break, but I really miss looking back on my thoughts about my family and life in general. And I REALLY miss getting to read our blog book each year. I think I'll play catch up. Here's a current post, and eventually I'm hoping to put up pics from last year, too. They won't be chronological, which stinks, but it's better than nothing ;)
This is a picture of most of the YM at scout camp a few weeks ago. It's such a huge ward, and so different from what we've experienced in the last 5 years. I think Ethan might be on the back row hiding behind a guy with a beard and a black hat.
 Last night the teachers/mia maids built boats out of cardboard and then tried to sail them in the reservoir by our house. I wasn't there, but these pictures were funny enough that I wanted to remember them!
 Ethan's group's boat obviously didn't get too far from shore :) it looked like fun!