Monday, February 13, 2012

oh, young love...

There's a little 5-year-old girl at church who has apparently been telling everyone Josh is her boyfriend. She is a younger sibling in a house full of teenagers, so I'm sure she hears about crushes and dating and boyfriends all the time.

On Sunday, she was standing next to me after church and I said, "So are you and Josh friends?"

She frowned as she thought her serious thoughts, then said, "Well, he's not actually my friend. He's actually more like...He's really my boyfriend. But my mom said I can't have a boyfriend. I'm not allowed to date until I'm like...eight or something."

It's like Romeo and Juliet.

Except Romeo's kind of a silly-head who sucks his thumb, still has all of his baby teeth, and isn't really into the whole "girlfriend" thing, yet. Poor Juliet... she'll just have to wait for the right eight-year-old to come around someday.

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