Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer break is over

 I thought it would be harder to wake up early this morning, but we were all so excited for the first day of school, nobody dragged at all.

 Although Ashley had a hard time keeping her eyes open in most of the pictures, so she looks as sleepy as we should be after being lazy and sleeping in all summer.

First to the bus stop!
And a short video. I'm not sure why chris took it, but here it is :)
It is pretty funny, though. The bus driver insists there's no noise on the bus in the morning, and it took Josh a while to get used to it last year. But you can see the kids line up like silent soldiers as soon as the bus comes around that corner. They go from giggling and messing around to standing still in seconds. She may be harsh, but the lady knows how to control a bus full of kids!

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