Saturday, May 7, 2011

this is what I get for Mother's Day...

I walked down the hill to the school on Friday to watch Ethan's mother's day program. When I got there, the teacher rushed up to me and said, "Ethan's in the office." As we walked toward the office, she started going on about how she hopes he is okay, and explained how he fell off the monkey bars and got hurt, and how glad they were that they knew I'd be arriving any moment.

Several adults in the hallway said, "Oh, good, is this his mom?" and I started to wonder what was going on.
Then I heard the shrieking :)

Ethan was crumpled up on the nurse's bench screaming every time he tried to move. It was swollen, and he cried as he stood up to go out to my car. That's when I realized...I walked to school. One of the office ladies offered to drive me home so I could get my car to come pick up Ethan. It never crossed any of our minds that she could drive Ethan home WITH me.

She said she would check Ashley out when she got back to school, so we could leave quickly. When I walked back into the school, I could hear Ethan shrieking still. The other office lady looked like she wanted to strangle me for leaving him there.

To make a long story short, we got to the doctor's office where they quickly took some x-rays. His elbow had signs of trauma, and even though the Dr. couldn't see an actual fracture, he said he was pretty sure there was a small fracture on the back of his elbow, not to mention the strange scratch on his bone that wasn't supposed to be there. He worried that Ethan dislocated/damaged his growth plate and told us to see a specialist, just to make sure he doesn't need surgery. So now we're crossing our fingers that we won't have to spend a fortune on his elbow...

Here's to hoping your mother's day program wasn't as exciting as mine!


  1. Oh no! Poor Ethan! I hope you guys don't have to spend any more time at the hospital!

  2. I guess he'll go down in history as the class invalid. "Hey, remember that kid who always had a cast? whatever happened to him?" :)

  3. At least he's not PRETENDING to be an invalid. haha. So sorry he got hurt. That's one of my fears. . . that something like that will happen at school to one of mine. I hope he'll be fine without surgery. Let us know if you need us to watch Ashley and Josh or anything else.

  4. haha...true. It was obvious he wasn't pretending (this time, anyway). It is sad when the school has to call a neighbor to come get your kids (especially when they're sick). Luckily when they get hurt at school there are plenty of adults to take care of them until they can find you!