Sunday, August 31, 2014

a little shark tooth hunting before graduation

 We tried to get all of the cleaning and packing done on Wednesday and Thursday so that we could enjoy the rest of our time together doing fun things. This was us at the Cracker Barrel when we were mostly done packing the cubes and we're hot, sweaty, tired, and ready for bed.
 But the next day we took my sister's kids to find shark and sting ray teeth in the river before Chris's graduation ceremony.
 I almost got one of these giant orb weavers on my face as I walked through the woods. I stopped a fraction away from its web, then looked up to see the creepy spider looking at me.
We had a picnic in the park near the stream, but I was paranoid about the kids playing in the park and getting hurt (Ethan broke his elbow at a playground several years ago). We'd waited so long and invested so much into staying for Chris's graduation that it would stink to have to spend the entire ceremony in the E.R. while someone got a broken arm fixed. So we didn't stay very long after our picnic.
After we cleaned up, we headed to Chris's ceremony. It was a great day, and I'll post the pictures later :)

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