Monday, September 16, 2013

just a few pictures I forgot about...

 Ashley loved the new dress Grandma got her. She felt lovely as a tulip, and the setting sun was at just the right angle to make her glow :)
Can you see the giant gator that's always lurking around our little city airport? Kind of creepy. Luckily he's made out of stone and hasn't been known to eat anyone.
And Josh finally lost a few more teeth! He doesn't like to loose teeth, and refuses to wiggle them. These two were hanging around for at least six months. The top one was sticking out like a snaggle tooth for the last month or more. But he didn't care how annoying it was when he ate, or how odd it looked when he smiled. He was not going to wiggle it.

Well, the other night, josh accidentally punched himself in the mouth while he was pulling up his blankets during the night. He came running out, shaking all over and crying, and he had to pull out his tooth the rest of the way because it was hanging by a thread. It looked like it was the most traumatic thing that had ever happened to him (even though loosing teeth had already happened three times before). Then a day or so later, he was brushing his teeth and the bottom tooth just fell right out with no pain or blood. That one made him happy. No shaking and tears, just relief that suffering with loose teeth was over for now.

He bought a plastic echoing microphone from Target's dollar isle with the money the tooth fairy left.

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