Monday, September 9, 2013

some raw fish and gator wrestling

When Ethan was a baby, Chris gave me a nice Fossil watch for Christmas. As the years went on, the battery seemed to die faster and faster. I'd go through three batteries, while Chris's watch went through one.

I eventually put the watch away and lived without it. The other day Chris decided to get a new battery in his watch, and he took mine in, too. It was weird wearing a watch again, it's been a few years since I've had one hanging around my arm. 

Well, the very next day, the watch stopped again. This time I knew it was the watch and not the battery. So we headed to the mall together as a family, and the watch guy said it would be fifty bucks to fix my watch. Not worth it. So we got our ten dollars back from the new battery and decided to go eat some mall Japanese food instead of fixing my watch.
While we were checking out the menu, Ethan decided he wanted the sushi platter. It had a variety of different kinds of sushi. As you can see in this picture, some of them included large pieced of raw fish. 

I crave california rolls, but I don't do raw fish. Daring Ethan chewed it up and even enjoyed it. He decided he liked raw tuna better than raw salmon. Weird. Raw anything makes me shiver.
The rest of us shared two meals, one teriyaki beef on rice, and one teriyaki chicken on noodles. Josh wasn't happy we ordered Japanese food at all. He ate it because it was lunch, but he made sure we knew he didn't like it. He did enjoy his ice cold water, though.

Ashley loved teriyaki chicken. It might be her new favorite. You can see how in love she is in this picture.
 When we were done dining in high style at the mall food court, Ethan decided to wrestle the mall alligator. Ashley pleaded with the gator to let her brother go. Josh wanted nothing to do with any of it, and stayed out of the way.
The gator was frozen with terror at Ethan's huge muscles (and at the knowledge that Ethan devours raw fish), so it was pretty easy for Ethan to win the match.

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