Thursday, January 1, 2015

last day of 2014 party!

 We were going to head south to visit Chris's parents for New Years, but after watching the weather reports, we decided to play it safe and stay home. Josh was crushed. So we decided to have fun with our local cousins, and we threw a last minute party!
 Everyone brought food. So much food it almost looked untouched by the end of the night.
 We played games after we ate, and even had a white elephant gift exchange. The kids weren't too excited about their exercise videos or fondue pots or haircut coupons. But Jeremy liked his roll of toilet paper and poo pouri.
 Ashley really wanted a photo booth, so we ran to the dollar store and looked around for ideas. We finally bought sparkly tissue paper and silver and gold tinsel. It took an hour to hang it all up on the wall, but only cost $3. And the kids loved it.
When we set up the booth, we had great sunshine streaming in the kitchen window, but by the time the party started, we had bad lighting. And my camera takes fuzzy pictures in bad light :(
 We took the kids in a bedroom and tried to get them to make a 2015 with glow sticks. This is the best we got. And the little kids had a harder time doing it, so we just made color swirls!
My sister-in-law brought poppers, and we had a fake midnight before everyone left about 8:30.
The kids thought the poppers were the best!
 We bought sparklers, but decided it would be too hard with so many little kids outside in the cold, trying to light them and keep them from burning each other. So after everyone left, we had the after-party.
Ethan was determined to stay up until midnight, but ended up going to bed at 11. Chris kept poking me to stay awake until midnight. So we welcomed in the New Year by watching Taylor Swift and other crazy hollywood types wearing too little clothing for the cold weather in New York.
Totally worth it.
Happy New Year!


  1. Looks like such an awesome party!! I wish we were there with you because our New Years was not fun at all.

  2. Such a fun night! Love all the pictures! Let's find a reason to do it again soon. :)