Sunday, April 1, 2012

welcome to our neighborhood

Before we sat down to watch general conference on our computer this afternoon, we decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood to get some wiggles out. We strolled along a boardwalk where the kids were sure they heard monkeys (or birds...) calling to them from the tree tops.
I forgot my camera, but the trail looked just like this, so I stole it off the internet.

Then we went to check out the gators. A group of people gathered near the edge of the water, checking out a tiny gator floating around. Suddenly it rushed up the hill toward the people. Everyone scattered, then the gator lay down and sunned itself.
Once again, this is not my picture. But thanks to whoever posted it on the internet...

Meanwhile, a larger alligator (about as big as Ethan) was soaking in the water when another gator came racing across the lake. The bigger gator turned and began to follow it, chasing the new gator around in circles. I was afraid we'd see blood, they were acting so aggressive. The kids were scared and wanted to leave.
Just in case you're dying to know how it all ended, a fourth gator came moseying across the pond, and the three gators swam in circles for a while. Nobody got hurt on my watch.

Today was definitely not the day to ignore the "No Swimming in the Lake" signs.

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