Saturday, July 28, 2012

a beachy anniversary

 We spent the morning at the beach for our anniversary. The kids loved sharing the important day with us, and wrote several cards and posters wishing us happy "anivershare" along with other fun ways of spelling the word.

 We brought our Boogie Board sled and surfed the waves with it. The kids were really good, despite the fact that they were using a snow sled. Maybe someday they can get a real board.

But do you like chris's girl shirt? He came out of the bedroom with my swim shirt, and wore it in public even though I giggled every time I looked at him.

Chris said he saw a dolphin swim right past him, over some of the waves later in the after noon when the surf became bigger. It probably wanted to get a closer look at his girl shirt.

 The younger two did some body surfing and boogie boarding, too, but their favorite thing to do was karate kick the waves.

 Yeah. We didn't want the kids sticking their wet sandy hands in the food, so Chris fed them like puppies. Or pet dolphins?

 Aren't they cute?

 Yes, I was there, too. Looking amazing in a million shiny layers of sunscreen, getting sunburned sitting under an umbrella, while Chris wore a girl shirt. We're quite the power couple.

Josh made this face because his feet were stuck in the sand, and he was going to have to live there forever.

Our big "anavursure" lunch was at Subway on the way home. The kids thought it was an extra special day because Chris bought a big cookie for each of us, and two large sodas to share. Can't get much better than that. The beach, a good sandwich, root beer, and a chocolate chip cookie.

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