Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving with merryberry googenheimer part 1

I didn't post this earlier because my blogger account ran out of picture space. I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to do about it. For now I'll post with Chris's gmail account (after this last post, of course).

Anyway, my sister's family was nice enough to throw a huge Thanksgiving feast for us this year. Even though we've seen each other plenty since we both moved to the swampy south, we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving together for at least 6 years.

They live almost 5 hours south of us, but it was still a freezing 70* or so this weekend. Brrr....
 The next day they took us on a nice long walk before the feast. Thanks to Grandma, these cute girls got to wear matching shirts. I'm glad they're still at the age where they aren't embarrassed to show up wearing the same outfit someone else is wearing.

 We ran walked around the nature preserve, and it was windy and cold enough nobody complained about being hot or tired. They even climbed up to the top of the lookout tower without a single whine.

As you can see from Josh's "Justin Bever" heart-hand pose, he really loved being up there looking down on the world. Andrew had to do a double take to make sure Josh wasn't really Justin Bever. Luckily neither of them actually know who Justin Bever is.

 I just realized that Clark took this picture, and neither the host nor the hostess was actually in the picture with the feast they worked so hard to make. But Maryann (aka Merryberry googenheimer, or Mo in some circles...) did break out the family heirloom fine china for the adults. The kids upgraded from plastic plates and cups to Corelle dishes. Maybe in a few years they can use our ancestors' fine china, too.

and here's a picture to show you things to come in the next post...
(Chris is so in love with me, he can't even keep his eyes open!)

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