Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A few good stories

Here are two stories Josh wrote at school:

"WheN i was at a iscecream shop i lefT My Moune. First, I woud faeNT. I woud waeck up. NexT I woud GeT My Moune. I woud run AND run. So I will Nevre leve My MouNe AGen."

His next story has a little more suspense to it (and apparently he likes to faint and run when things get hard):

"THere wus a BuG iN food. First, I would fant aNd evreBude Would Look aT Me. evreBude would tshrie To make Me awake. Like I was aslepa. NexT, I would ruN awae. THe waetr Would ruN aFtr Me. I would nevr Go THar agaiN."

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