Saturday, June 7, 2014

bring on the summer!

In my last post, I showed Ethan and Josh getting awards, but Ashley's event was later in the week. She earned an award for being on the honor roll. She was pretty disappointed that she got one B+ at the beginning of the year, so she wasn't on the straight-A honor roll, but it was good for her to realize that she can't let herself get a little lax in her studying if she wants straight A's next year.
And then... School was officially over! Ashley loves planning and throwing parties. She invited some village kids over for a 1st day of summer party yesterday. They played a game where one kid jump ropes to their partner who then dumps a bucket of water on their head. I guess it was a game that the teachers played with the kids last week (the teachers got to do the water-dumping).
 They played sponge golf, where they had to throw their wet sponges into buckets of water. Mostly the kids just liked squishing the sponges over each others heads and throwing buckets of water at each other. I think Ashley's feet aren't even touching the ground in the picture above :)
 She asked if I could buy some refreshments for her party, so we gave everyone a frozen fruit bar. Which somehow ended up all over the sidewalk instead of inside mouths.
Welcome summer -- we're happy to see you again!

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