Tuesday, November 11, 2014

flash and dash mustache bash

 For Family Home Evening last night, Brett's family invited our family to join them in the 3rd annual Flash and Dash Mustache Bash. How can you turn something like that down? Especially because it was only a 3/4 mile race, and they also gave out hot scones with honey butter and hot chocolate at the finish line. And neon mustaches!
We started in the parking lot of a running store, ran down the busy street in a herd of glowing people,
and ended with a lap around the high school track. Brandon and Brett ran the 3 mile race, so they didn't get to be in our finish line picture. But they ran it pretty fast.
Even though it was chilly outside, the kids loved it. Brett might just convince them to become runners after all. But only if the race is less than a mile and has scones and hot chocolate at the end...

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