Wednesday, November 26, 2014

the many faces of my family

 Boxy Darth Vader face
Brace Face!
 Pie Face. Activity day girls got to make their own little pies and cook them at home. Now Ashley wants to be in charge of all pies at home.

 Snowball Fight Face.
 Ashley went out in flip flops and said, "It's not that cold, Mom." She came in a few minutes later and said, "I need snow boots!"
 Proud to have made the first snowman of the season out of a small sprinkling of snow Faces.

The snowman's face shows how my face looked when I had to go buy sweaters and boots for my freezing cold body that can't get warm. Hashtag happynothappy...(just kidding...I don't hashtag.)
 World Domination Face, because Josh apparently has his sights set on taking over the planet.
VIP face. My brother invited us to a party he was helping to host for work in a VIP theater. Josh didn't like the movie, but he liked the free popcorn (and the rest of my milkshake).

 Art Face. We had parent conference the other night and Ashley was excited to show me her self-portrait. Too bad she's not wearing her glasses in the picture, or else they would be so similar we couldn't tell them apart. I might have left Ashley hanging on the wall and taken home the portrait! ;)

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