Tuesday, August 16, 2011

butterfly rainforest

this isn't part of the butterfly rainforest, but this is the 2 inch bug we found on our porch! eeek...
when it crawled away, it clicked like a cicada.

a butterfly landed in Ethan's hand the moment we walked into the garden...
then it landed on me!

here's a short video (without sound) of the butterflies floating all around us. I should have held still so it would have been more clear and you could see how many there were. oh well :)

how many black and white butterflies can you find in this picture?

the gardeners leave bowls of fruit out for the butterflies to eat. One man asked Josh if he knew what butterflies ate and Josh said, "rotten fruit." (the answer is some eat flowers, some eat fruit, and some eat both)

we also got into a special exhibit about music. the kids had fun making noise.

ashley watched the sound-waves her voice created.

This was their favorite music room because it was sound proof
and there were all sorts of drums and instruments to make noise with

here's the sound proof jamming room.

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