Wednesday, January 30, 2013

an old man on 100's day

Today was Josh's 100th day of school.
He got to dress up like a hundred-year-old man.
I guess hundred-year-old men wear plaid shirts and crooked glasses.
I tried to get him to wear a vest or tie, but he said no thanks.
Chris wanted to shave off the top of his hair so he'd be bald on top.
Josh ran away screaming.

They got to bring treats and choose a hundred things for their trail mix bags.
"We got 100 stuff, like angry birds gummies, and mario gummies."

I guess old people eat a lot of gummies.

For the most part, they just counted by 10's all day.
They didn't have any old people races.
That would have been cool to see a bunch of miniature hundred-year-olds running a race.

It would look something like this:
Don't tell Josh I put this on here. he does NOT like people to laugh at him :)

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