Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The best MLK day ever -- part 2

After the beach, we headed to St. Augustine. It was fitting because Martin Luther King Jr. actually preached here for a little while. And in celebration of MLK, the Castillo de San Marcos was free to the public (which was a pleasant surprise when we got there). I went on a field trip to the castle with Ethan, but the rest of the family has only enjoyed the view from the outside.

 We are a happy family :)

 The castle is just empty room after empty room of seashell walls, with an occasional poster to read or artifact to look at.

 I always love to see graffiti from the 1800's. People in that time loved to sign their names on everything.

Because the castle is a national monument, the park rangers have a junior ranger program where kids answer quiz-type questions as they tour the park. My kids have done it in other places, like the anasazi state park, and they work hard to earn a badge.
Ethan wasn't interested this time, but Josh and Ashley were determined to get the shiny badge. This pirate guy gave them their badge when they were finished with the quiz.

Josh was so proud, he talked the whole way home about what outfit he'd wear that would go with his badge.
He and Ashley even came home and wrote a letter to the National Park Service about why it's important to keep things like the castle maintained. When they send the letter, the NPS will send each of them a scout patch in return :)

Ashley's letter said, "I learned that cannons were the main line of defense for the castillo. To me the Castillo means a place of learning about war. I think it is important to preserve the castillo so that other children can learn about castles and war. I also learned that the moat around the castillo was usually dry. Thank you for letting me come and learn. Your friend, Ashley."

Josh's letter said, "I LearneD THat SpaNish BuilDT the Fourt. It's important Beickus we can see histroe. WiTHout the forT, we couLD oNLy Learn about this stuf in Books. Withoat the raNgers, the CasLL would faLL DoWN. Luve, JosH"

So as you can see, it's important to support the NPS, so future generations of children can learn about war, and the rangers can keep the castle from falling down.

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