Saturday, January 5, 2013

White Christmas part 2

 There were lots of people sleeping all over the place at my parent's house...(this may or may not where they gave strep throat to each other -- and everyone else.)

 (how cute is this -- they're both saying their prayers.)

 And lots of people eating...

 lots of people showing off their talents at a family talent show, which my dad hosted in a fancy shirt...

and lots of crafts to keep kids busy.

My brother's wife's family wrote the book on family reunions, literally, and so she knew exactly what to do to keep this many people from killing each other. She helped to schedule things and arrange things to keep us all busy and fed and happy. All the rest of us lazy adults appreciated her hard work :)

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  1. The lazy part isn't true at all :) Remember when you cleaned Benjamen's nose and helped him out of his snow clothes so that he could go to the bathroom? :) Thanks for the sweet comment. I loved it. Having our families together was so incredible. I can't wait till we do it again! I Love your blog.