Monday, January 28, 2013

I don't know if you know this...

...but Ashley writes talks in her spare time. She has a notebook full of church talks on things like baptism, faith, and modesty.

The other day she was busy hand-stitching for a while, then asked if she could use the computer to research a lesson she was writing. I helped her find one, and she printed it out. Then she cut and taped and scribbled things down. Being the amazing mother that I am, I didn't pay much attention to her busy work, since that is typical Ashley behavior.

Tonight she volunteered to teach our Family Home Evening lesson. She passed around this piece of fabric and told us there was a hidden message in it that we needed to find.

Can you see what her lesson was about?

She read us a story about a man who lost his leg and carved himself a new one, having faith that he would be healed enough to fulfill his calling in life.

Then she pulled a white card out of that magic pocket she'd taped to the back of her lesson. We were supposed to choose something on that list that would increase our faith, and then add something of our own to the list. The boys took it seriously and added things like "pay tithing" and "choose the right."

She bore a beautiful, eloquent testimony about raising our banner of faith, and how having faith can help us in our lives.

Chris and I looked at each other and laughed in a stunned kind of way, amazed at this person that was sent to our family.

We know she's ours because she has all of our genes, but wow.

I hope I can be more like Ashley when I grow up!

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