Saturday, January 5, 2013

White Christmas part 1

 My parents surprised all of the kids with a trip home for Christmas this year. Many of my siblings haven't seen each other in years, so it was our first official family reunion.

 Last time Ethan was on a plane, he was about 3 years old. Josh and Ashley have never flown, so it was an exciting day for everyone.

   It was a bit of a shock to step off the plane and have the breath sucked out of you by the cold air. Us wimpy swamp-people were freezing.

 All of the cousins on both sides of the family had fun seeing each other again.

 We went to our old house, where Chris's sister's family is living right now, and had to search for our coats in the basement. We enjoyed seeing how different it looks with her decor than it did with ours. She's done a better job taking care of our house than we did :)

We got to see lots of old friends in the neighborhood, including Ella and Bubbers before church, and then many others during church on Sunday. So many good friends, and we didn't even get to say hello to half of them since people were running off to do their callings after Sacrament meeting.

 Ashley had fun taking care of everyone's babies this week. She will be a responsible babysitter someday.

 Josh had fun reconnecting his Frusin, Grant. Unfortunately, they saw each other so much that by the end of our 2 weeks there, Grant came up to me and said, "Josh said he's not my best friend anymore."
But don't worry, Grant. Distance will make the heart grow fonder and he'll be your best friend cousin next time we see you!

 And one of the best things we saw at Grandma's house was snow...


and more snow.

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