Sunday, April 6, 2014

an overload of beach pictures...

The kids had school off on Friday, and Chris had a rare break from professor-stuff, so we headed to the beach. It was a perfect day, and since it wasn't a holiday, the beach was only crowded with toddlers and grandparents. And this turtle, who climbed out of his hole to enjoy the lovely morning, too.
You can see all the shells on the sand -- it was also a perfect day to find unique shells. And a few scary things like these big fat jelly fish.
Chris was more than happy to sit on a chair and enjoy the waves and sun.
Until the top of his knees got sunburned.
A super-flattering selfie to remember that we were there together.
The water was still too cold to enjoy much, so we dug lots of holes, built sand castles, and created spectacular sand art.
Josh is such a homebody, he groaned when we said we were heading to the beach. He just wanted to stay home and do nothing. But after about an hour at the beach he said, "Hey, I'm actually having fun!"
Imagine that...having fun at the beach.

Since nobody wanted to swim, due to the coldness of the water, Chris dared the kids that if they would lay down in the water, he'd buy them an ice cream cone. So they all gave in to peer pressure.

Once they were wet, they decided to enjoy the water and started swimming and boogie boarding.

Chris helped dig the hole even deeper, and then everyone wanted to take a turn standing in it.
When it was time to go, we told Ethan he could fill in the holes so nobody would fall inside accidentally and get hurt. Josh came back from his water fight with Ashley and saw everything destroyed.
It was heartbreak hotel all the way home.

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