Tuesday, July 29, 2014

beach day with cousins

 "You been surfin' long?"
(Josh and this boy became BFFs in the few hours they were near each other at the beach.
But the boy didn't share his goldfish...)
 Chris forgot his hat, so he wore my old-lady sunhat that had been squished in the back of the car. Cute!
 There I am, out in the ocean with my old-lady sunhat, successfully not getting a sunburn. Look at the colors in that water!
 This beach had an area with big rocks the kids wanted to explore. Chris was nice and took them to see it.
It was a really shelly, rocky beach. Not so great on the toes. But it was a day at the beach, so nobody complained, and everyone found a treasure to bring home.

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  1. Awesome adventures! I am a little jealous as we are spending our time in a very super hot St. George and cannot really do anything outside.