Wednesday, July 30, 2014

last morning at my sister's (aka: a day at the park)

The last morning we were at my sisters we headed to a park so the kids could get their energy out and spend a little more time with cousins. They have lots of cool parks around her city, but this one was my favorite, its ocean theme made it a happy place.
 Ashley ruled over her mer-people from her sand castle and oyster throne.
 Josh beat a shark in a wrestling match.
 The other thing I loved about this park was that it had several misting stations to cool us off on such a hot day.
It was such a nice trip, and we got to see lots of cool things around town. We'll be sad to move away from this beautiful part of the country in a few weeks. But luckily I'm pretty sure we'll be back in several years since we have family to visit, so our goodbye to southern florida is hopefully not forever.

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  1. Looks like an awesome park! And I hope we see you guys before we leave to DC!