Monday, July 7, 2014

josh's flag ceremony

 Our church usually hosts a breakfast and activities on the 4th of July. This time they decided to have the scouts do a flag ceremony. Unfortunately, the boy scouts were all in Tennessee at camp, so the cub scouts got to do it. Josh said it was scary to do the flag ceremony in front of all those people who were staring.
 After pancakes and eggs and sausage and bacon and tang, the kids all went outside in the parking lot to play water games. The missionaries got all wet trying to fill up the water balloons.
 We have a storm drain area in the grassy field behind the church, and the kids had fun on the water slide. When I was taking the picture down in the marshy grassy area, one of the women asked if I saw any snakes. Apparently snakes have been known to hang out down there.
The primary presidency did a great job of putting together a fun activity for everyone! Since Chris and Ethan were gone that night, and it rained, we didn't watch fire works. We got a pizza and watched The Princess Bride. It will be fun next 4th of July, we'll be closer to cousins and will get to celebrate with them again!

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