Tuesday, July 15, 2014

family history party

These are all bad cell phone pictures, but I didn't want to forget the boys in mustaches! Our stake held a fun pioneer day/family history fair last weekend. They had fun booths set up around the gym where the kids got to look at pioneer-ish tools and eat pioneer-ish of treats. We also got hamburgers, chips, and cookies, which were not too pioneer-ish
 They also got locked up. The only way to get out of jail was to do some family history on familysearch.org. Ashley and Josh actually asked the jailer if he'd lock them up.
 Slinky handcuffs. I'll bet they had handcuffs like that in the Big Rock Candy Mountains.
The reason we had to go to familysearch.org to get out of jail is found in D&C 128:22.

When the activity was over, Josh had a hard time pulling the mustache off. He's not going to be in the habit of wearing fake mustaches because it really hurt and even pulled a little skin off. I just feel bad for the funny guy who put the mustache over his eyebrows...

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