Sunday, December 21, 2014

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

My brother's family invited us to go check out some Christmas lights with them for Family Home Evening last Monday. The kids were pretty excited, since we haven't done that for several years.
 It was freezing (although we were told it was a nice warmish evening for December), but alas, there wasn't any snow to make the lights look even prettier. Which I'm not sure if I'm sad about or not. Mostly not.
 Ashley breathed in the scent of a real Christmas tree. We always have fake ones.
 Josh likes wearing his 3D glasses we got from a movie several years ago. They are broken and he repaired them with paper and tape.
and we watched a guy carve an ice sculpture for a minute. We couldn't tell if it was a bear or a dog or something else. but it was cool.
 Afterwards we followed them to their favorite place to get a drink and a cookie, which the kids loved.
And then during the week, several of us in both families took turns getting sick with fevers and stomach bugs. So at least we had a great monday :)

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