Friday, December 12, 2014

even more thanksgiving pictures!

Chris's dad is really into rappelling, and he likes the kids to learn to rappel, too.
The little dudes rappelled right off the balcony.
Josh didn't like it. The wall cut his knuckles.
 Grandpa also has a funny little motorized bicycle he likes to drive around and give rides to the kids.
 Ashley filled out most of these leaves on the thankful tree. I guess she's more thankful than the rest of us. She has such a sweet heart.
 The turkeys were amazing. Both were soaked in brine over night, and one was grilled while the other was cooked in the oven. They had two distinct tastes and were delicious!
 Chris looked like the wicked witch of the west when he rode his dad's bike. I'm pretty sure he even cackled or something as he sped by.
 We took a walk through the neighborhood after our big dinner. The kids love the gross blue waterfalls.
Sad this is a blurry picture, but it made me laugh. It was a cousin pile-up. 
This sight made me so happy. I love that Chris's mom loves spending time with the kids, and I love that Ashley loves spending time learning from her grandma, too. Ashley's learning to crochet.
 I feel amazingly blessed to have the in-laws I lucked out with! They are such talented, fun, loving people and I'm thankful every day that I married into this family.

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