Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in the Village

Last night our village hosted a fun Halloween party with ghoulish food and pumpkin decorating. The kids had fun hanging out with their friends. Ethan decided to go as a Weblos scout, Josh was an astronaut, and Ashley was a devil again.

 They got to decorate little trick-or-treat bags, which they thought was pretty cool. I was glad because we left their plastic pumpkin bags home in storage, and they were going to have to use a plastic grocery sack.

Our Village staff was smart, and asked residents who wanted to give away candy to stick a sign on their door, so that kids will know which house to go to. There aren't a lot of kids in our neighborhood, but we went through one small bag of candy bars. It was fun to see the village community have fun together--it's what I love most about living here!

Happy Halloween!


  1. One small bag of candy! We went through two HUGE bowls full of candy and still ran out this year.

  2. It was nice, the apartments were spread enough that the kids didn't come home with huge buckets of candy, either. Love it :)