Thursday, November 8, 2012

camp crystal

The 5th grade went on a 3-day 2-night field trip to a lake camp that the school district owns.
Ethan said being away from his parents made him nervous and excited at the same time.

 While he was there, they did archery (where he got a bulls eye), team building activities, hiking, catching fish in the lake with nets, went on a hay ride in the dark, as well as a night hike where they saw shimmering spider eyes everywhere.
 In the shower he caught a tiny gold-eyed tree frog and a leopard frog. Apparently Ethan didn't get friendly with his bar of soap while he was in there, because it was still brand new when he came home.
 This lizard bit another kid's finger and was hanging and wouldn't let go until Ethan saved the poor lizard.

 This is their cabin. About 10 kids slept in each cabin, with 3 adults in an adjoining room. The boys all made tooting noises with their mouths as well as their bottoms while they talked all night. Chris stayed the first night and couldn't sleep due to another dad's snoring. And poor Ethan couldn't sleep because of all the tooting.
 At night, a man came in and said, "have you brushed your teeth?" yes. "have you said your prayers?" all the boys said, "not yet."
One boy gathered everyone together and had them repeat the prayer after him. "Dear God, Thank you that we could come to camp, and for all the chocolate chip cookies. Amen." They all liked that prayer.

Sweet Ethan and Malakai, who is also LDS, said their own prayers. One of the kids wondered what was wrong with Malakai because he was kneeling by his bed with his head bowed. Ethan had to explain that he was praying.

When Ethan got off the bus today, he was practically floating he was so happy. I'm glad his first experience away from us was a good one!

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! I wouldn't like the night tooting either, so i'm with Ethan on that one :)