Wednesday, May 28, 2014

a beach-filled weekend

 Chris's adviser kindly offered us to stay in her beach condo this past weekend. Ashley was in love with the bedroom (and the pink flamingos in the bathroom) and the kids kept asking me why I only decorate with tan, white, and black. "We need our house to look like this," they kept saying all weekend.
It was funny, staying in a condo on the beach. When we turned to look north, up the beach, it was super crowded where the public parking lots are. And when we turned to look south, where it's a mile of private homes and condos, it looked almost empty. We wondered why those public parking people didn't just walk a few more feet so they weren't all packed in one place.
But it was nice for us. We weren't complaining!
In this picture, I told them to jump a wave. But...the wave would obviously have to hit me first. You can see Ethan smiling as water sprays all over me and I almost get knocked over.

 We came at low tide, and the water kept getting higher, so we had to keep dragging our chairs backwards to keep our things from washing away. It was funny to watch Josh walk in the tracks we left behind.
 When we were done with the ocean, we headed to the condo pool. It was a perfect night with a gorgeous sunset and a nice breeze.
 When we needed some indoor time, the kids mostly played Lego's. Josh kept saying he was going to miss the condo Lego's because they were way better than his (even though we have over 5 gallons of cool Lego's at our house...).
It was a busy first day! Everyone was ready for bed early, and slept like a rock.
I'll post more pictures of our (hot and sweaty) walk around St. Augustine and the rest of our weekend in another post.

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  1. How awesome is that! I wish we had a beach house but then again maybe not, because I cannot stand beach vacations for more than 2 days. Having a friend with a beach house - that's the solution :)