Monday, May 19, 2014

international food festival and curriculum fair

Our school has a huge number of international students, which has been such a great experience for my kids to meet people from all over the world, like our friend Amina and her sweet family from Nigeria. And I think all babies need to look like Amina's sister. It should be a law.

Because of all the international kids, our school hosts an annual international food festival, where all the English as a Second Language families bring food from wherever they are from, and we get to try all of it for a small donation. So delicious and interesting (and occasionally scary...).

After the food festival we walked around to all of the kids' classrooms and checked out what they've been working on.
 Josh made a scary fish in art class (it hadn't been painted yet). Ashley made some colorful figure skaters.
Josh showed us his homeroom desk and papers, and also his math/science desk in a different classroom. Ashley showed us her poetry. Her instrument group/chorus also put on their final performance. It's usually held in the outdoor courtyard, but due to the weather, we all had to scrunch into the auditorium. It was pretty tight, but Ashley did a great job with all the different instruments she played for the concert.
When Josh was showing us his math/science classroom, he took us to his desk and there was this shifty-eyed paper kid sitting in his chair. Since this isn't Josh's "real" classroom, we just assumed it belonged to whoever sat there all the rest of the day when Josh wasn't in math/science. I think he tried to tell us it was his, but somehow we didn't understand. When we were about to leave, the teacher told us we should take Josh's things -- which included the shifty-eyed paper kid. I wish we would have taken a picture of his shifty-eyed paper kid sitting in Josh's chair, but it was too late, the teacher pulled the ruler off of him and handed him to Josh. So we hung him up next to Josh's other self-portrait, and took a picture of the three faces of Josh.

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