Friday, February 21, 2014

rock climbing

Our church youth group went to a rock climbing gym this week, and I forgot my camera. My phone has a horrible camera, but it's better than nothing sometimes.
 Ethan was really good at climbing. He's been rappelling several times in his life, and climbing once, but I was still amazed at how fast he got to the two-or-three-story ceiling, four times! Our home teacher is also Ethan's scout leader (he's the guy holding the rope in this picture), and he was really good at helping Ethan see where his next hand or foothold would need to be.
I'm not sure I want Ethan climbing and rappelling too much out in the wild, but it's pretty cool to watch him do it in a controlled environment. He's got some hidden athletic talents -- they don't hike and climb much in PE classes or community sports clubs, so nobody would ever know how good he is at these things. But that's okay, because he knows, and that's all that matters!

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