Monday, June 24, 2013

annual luau

Our village had its annual luau last week. The kids look forward to it all year.
They gave us leis, sunglasses, and hair flowers. I love that Chris chose a pink lei.

Even though I don't love this picture (it looks like I'm about to fall and squish Josh), I had to include it. I'm almost never in pictures, since I'm usually taking them. But I want my kids to remember that I was there, too!

For every activity the kids do, they get one prize ticket. Then they get to trade them in for a cool prize, anything from a tiny toy to an alarm clock.

The kids especially had fun watching the guys blow up these bouncy buildings earlier in the day. They kept running back into the apartment to get a drink of water, and to tell me they were helping set everything up. And they even "helped" to test out the bouncy slides. Such useful children.
 Ashley and the skull-boy behind her were tied as winners of the limbo contest. She's pretty good at it! By the time they finally won, everyone was clearing everything up because the lightening was getting too close, and it looked like the rain would hit at any moment. So they handed her twenty "tickets" for prizes, but the prize table was quickly being boxed up. They unpacked a few things just for her, and she traded her tickets for a shiny purple notebook.

The luau almost always gets lightninged-out, but that's kind of expected here in the summer, in The Swamp. 

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  1. This party looks great! I wish we had more parties like that at the embassy. we just have parties for the major holidays. So i am totally jealous :)