Saturday, October 26, 2013

our wild and crazy sorority party

Each year Sorority Row hosts a Halloween party for the community. I don't love crowds, but I decided to brave it this year. The kids really enjoyed the spectacle of costumes and decorations.

 We bumped into the bearded woman, the two-headed woman and an acrobat. Had to get a picture with them.
 The kids played a few circus games and won some candy.
 Then they threw pies in some oompah-loompah's faces when we went to Willy Wonka's place. These girls were really good sports.
Josh was especially excited to go to Monster University and play a few games.
 He also earned his scarer ID badge. Too bad his picture was blurry.
 They had a relay, to make sure they didn't get socks or toys sticking to them when they become real scarers.
 Then we headed over to OZ to throw things at the wicked witch.
We had fun despite the fact that the sorority girls kept running out of pizza before we could get some. So Chris decided to buy a pizza on the way home. It was a good "Fake Friday" (that's what my kids call it whenever they don't have school on Friday, so Thursday is Fake Friday).

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  1. I guess its kind of nice to have sororities around! looks fun