Wednesday, March 27, 2013

another day of spring break

Yesterday we had to take Ethan to the dentist.
This is what Josh and Ashley did while Ethan's teeth were being cleaned.
No cavities, but we got a referral to an orthodontist who will tell us if Ethan needs a few permanent teeth pulled to make room in his crowded mouth for two teeth struggling to come out when there's no place to go.
Cross our fingers we won't have to pay for that... 

 The kids decided to be rock scientists. They pulled out their book about rocks, found their magnifying glasses, and checked out their own rock collections and also the rocks around our village. 
 Josh is dusting off an old fossil leg bone he got from the museum a few weeks ago. He took it very seriously, scratching, dusting, and checking it out with his magnifying glasses.
 They think they figured out what all of their rocks are called.

Ethan has been into chess for a few days. Nobody really wants to play with him. So while he was staring at his board, he asked if he could take pictures of it. He snapped these pictures and then helped me edit them on the computer. Not too shabby!

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