Tuesday, March 5, 2013

haircut love

 This face tells you how fun our home hair cutting sessions are. Chris loves having the boys cry as if he were cutting off one of their limbs. And the kids love having hair fall all over their lips and eyes. Lots of love and happiness all around, here in The Swamp. Every six weeks. Or longer, if we can help it.

If someone wanted to torture my kids to get them spill the beans on some sort of top secret information, I think giving them a haircut would be a good rout to take.

Although, it could very well be that Josh is crying over those 70's sideburns formed out of all of the falling locks clinging to his cheek. I'd cry too, if I had bushy sideburns that made me look like a 6-year-old man from a by-gone disco era.

Cry on, Josh. Cry on.

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