Tuesday, April 9, 2013

spring fling birthday party

On Josh's birthday, we headed over to the village's annual Spring Fling. The kids look forward to it all year, and Josh was glad it fell on his birthday. They give out prizes and pizza, hot dogs and snow cones. Perfect event for a birthday party.
 An up close shot of Josh's caricature. It looks just like him...kind of. Not really. But it's still cool. The lady who drew it knew all about BYU and chatted with us about how many people in her family were members, and how she and her mom were the only ones left holding out. "But they're working hard on us," she said with a laugh. She added the "go cougars" without us even telling her the mascot.

Josh asked the balloon magician for a motorcycle. The guy did a pretty good job.He said if Josh didn't pop it, the motorcycle would become real during the night. I haven't seen a motorcycle yet, so Josh must have popped his balloon.

 We all agreed that Ethan's was the creepiest caricature. But still funny enough to hang on the wall for a while.
The village taught my kids how to gamble. They never won when they spun the wheel, so they didn't develop a good, lucky feeling. ;-) 
“Children need encouragement. If a kid gets an answer right, tell him it was a lucky guess. That way he develops a good, lucky feeling.” ~ Jack Handy's Deep Thoughts
Josh was much happier about the Spring Fling than he looks here. Such a funny guy.

I know you can hardly wait. Next post will be all of our amazingly interesting General Conference pictures, which of course also happened on Josh's birthday, and he wasn't too happy about it. Kind of like his face in this picture...


  1. Agree with you, Gaylene, Ethan's caricature is the creepiest :) That is what I was thinking while looking at it and thank goodness you think the same so I am not the only one thinking that :) Ha :)

    1. The guy doing caricatures did everyone's kind of creepy, like a bizzaro version of the person. The woman did everyone else's more of a sweet version. Too bad we didn't know that when they sat down to get their portraits drawn!